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My passion for technology and my expert ability to come up with solutions to problems enables me to stay ahead in such a fast paced industry. I have always thought that it takes a good problem solver to be a designer or developer. In both roles you are challenged to solve problems and deliver functional products.

I am very self motivated which leads me to push myself to learn new things. This of course allows me to be able to wear more hats! While at work, I feel comfortable in any role from Creative Director / Art Director to Front End Developer. My work is more like a hobby than a job. I am passionate about it and enjoy the whole process.

I have been freelancing / consulting / running my own business since 2009. It's been the best thing for my career because I have had the chance to work with some amazing people and teams all over NJ and NYC. I have also learned so much because I always believe that even the most junior person can teach me something.

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Interactive Art Director, flash designer, Front End Designer + Developer, Creative director, And...

I have more hats in my closet. If it’s interactive I’ve probably done it before. If not, I am always eager to add a new hat to my collection. If you have a project coming up or need some help with your current workload, let's discuss to see if I can help!